Moxy Style

​No matter how we dress, we make a choice. It's self-expression, a reflection of our personality. How my own dressing style has evolved is correlated with changes in me, including the evolution of playfulness, daringness, self-acceptance, confidence. 


I hope you'll be entertained by some of my style choices showcased below.

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My Blog: Read the occasional comments of an agent provocateur...

A Matter of Moxy

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My Shoe Collection

Coffeetable book featuring my 2010 collection.Many of those pairs have been replaiced by new ones. Planning a revised 2nd edition.


Flirting with Kenny

Fashion Night Out in 2010. A physical attraction with me, Kenneth Cole, and Schrodinger's Equation.

Manolos from the Hunger Games

2012 my favorite pair in the Smithsonian in DC. These Manolos were worn in the Hunger Games movie. Picture me holding a bow and arrow above these :)