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Becoming a cyclist brew out of a bike-tour that I did with friends in June 2011: from Paris to Nantes, five days, over 400 km, riding thorugh the beautiful Loire Valley. I fell in deep love, and upon returning to NYC I purchased my first road bike. Immediately, I started training and piling miles onto my Madone. In September that year I did my first century (100 miles = 160 km). I'm an avid cyclist ever since. 


In March 2012 started my training with the NYCC, and in June I tried out my first race. On April 6, 2013 while out on a team training ride I kissed the asphalt, and my injuries had me stay off the bike for some time. 

However, this is true love, the enjoyment I get from cycling is unceasing.  

Moxy Approved Cycling

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