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After years of experience in a traditional scientific career, I decided to explore and create a new path and joined the faculty of the Department of Math and Science at Pratt Institute, a college for Art, Design and Architecture. 

I aspire to 

- pass on my enthusiasm about the discoveries we make in science,

- raise awareness of their relevance to our daily life,

- expose the process of science, and

- instill in people the scientific skeptical way of thinking. 

I aim to give students an eye-opening and memorable experience, which is intellectually challenging. My classes require hard work and I'm known to be an uncompromising grader. 



Independent Studies / Internships. Involve stduents in my scientific reserach and collaborate in a variety of science art design fusion projects. Offered around the year. 

Conceptual Physics (MSCI-221). Focus is on the conceptual aspects of physics using minimal math. Besides providing exposure to classical and  quantum physics, the course also considers the influence of physics on different areas of society, and highlights research at the cutting edge. Offered only in Fall. 

Introduction to Physics and Chemistry (MSCI-110). Mandatory for Architecture majors. A sufficiently rigorous exposure to physics and chemistry designed to prepared architects for their courses involving the science of buildings and building materials. Offered only during Spring. 

Astronomy (MSCI-223). This is a course in basic astronomy, providing an overview of our current understanding of the universe. Topics include the origin of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, interstellar matter, black holes, supernovae, space travel, the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and the techniques we use to observe the universe. The course emphasies how science is cariied out. Offered In Fall and Spring.


doesn't tell you what to think, but how to know.

Questions about my classes?

Interested in working with me on an art-design- science fusion project? 

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