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My students and our collaborations

Chenxin Yang, 3D Animation Major Graduate Student

Fall 3013 through Fall 2014

Cassie worked with me on creating 3D animations of what goes on at Brookhaven's atom smasher (animations yet to be released to the public), and she also designed the poster for Science Happy Hour at BAR in New Haven.

Sarah Szabo, Fine Arts Major

Spring 2013 through Summer 2014

After taking my Astronomy course Sarah enrolled in an Independent Study class with me. She researched heavy-ion collisions and the Quark-Gluon Plasma, then took what she had learned to create a series called "Glamorous Gluons." She had an art opening show at Brookhaven National Lab during the 2014 RHIC/AGS Users Meeting. The show is on view in the lounge of Brookhaven's Physics Building.

Lourenca Alencar and Samantha Kahrar, Film Majors

Spring and Summer 2012

Lourenca and Sam were my film crew for the Smashing Matters and Quark Matter Documentary projects. I recruited them from the Pratt Film Department. They filmed interviews and footage at Brookhaven Lab and at the Quark Matter conference in Washington DC.

Adam Warner, Creative Writing Major

2011 and 2012

In 2011, after taking my Physics and then my Astronomy class, Adam interviewed me and wrote an article about me as a scientist. In 2012, he worked as story developer for the Smashing Matters short film. More info on Adam on LinkedIn

Raine Manley Robertson, Photography Major

Spring 2012

Raine signed up for Independent Studies with me after taking my Astronomy class. For her project she created a photography series on exoplanet search methods. The site below also includes her project for my astro class Fall 2011. Raine's personal webiste is

Alexander Doig, Illustration Major

Fall, Spring, and Summer 2010

Alex collaborated with me and Brookhaven physicist Paul Sorensen on the "Sound of the Little Bangs". We used the correlations and fluctuations measured in collisions at RHIC (Brookhaven's atom smasher) and converted them into an audible sound. The physics is explained in a short video and web-site. The project was covered by dozens of news sites and the video was viewed more than 35 thousand times. Alex travelled with us to the APS meeting in DC and presented a poster at the 2011 RHIC/AGS Users Meeting. 

Teiler Kwan, Architecture Major

Spring 2012

As architecture major Teiler took the mandatory Physics and then the elective Astronomy courses. He than became a TA for my Physics class during Spring 2012. Teiler's love for the sciences just increased, so he left Pratt and now is studing for a Bachelor degree in physics from the University of Oregon. On the photo he is presenting to the class his drawing of the Hubble Space Telescope and how this works. More on teiler on LinkedIn

Kat Bauer, Illustration Major

Spring 2010

Kat became interested in working with me while taking my Astronomy class. She visited Brookhaven National Laboratory and then worked on an illustration of elliptic flow in heavy-ion collision for an independent project.

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