Owner of a Lonely Quark
13 July 2016
Based on an intervview I gave to writer/cartoonist Dale DeBacsy - he wrote a homor-packed informative article spiced with cartoons.
All Inclusive Science
8-10 June 2016
Organized a 3 day 3 part workshop and panel discussion on gender and race representation in the sciences, particularly physics. Held at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Links to talks and details about panelists
Entertaining Science
5 June 2016
There was atom smashing science, art, a mini fashion showm and the screening of the documentary Smashing Matters. There were several surprise guests. Details
Debut as Filmmaker
5 May 2016
Public screening of first documentary film. Many thanks to Digital Media Center for the Arts and Wright Laboratory at Yale University. Poster of the film
Science Happy Hour
3 May 2016
Informal but informed science conversations moderated by NY Times culomnist Carl Zimmer. More photos and detail from the event.
Who is doing science, who isn't
24 March 2016
Talk, adressing the large imbalance of gender and race representation in the physical sciences, delivered at Michigan State University.
On Capitol Hill
14 March 2016
With Congressman Lee Zeldin, after discussing the importance of fundamental research and the benefits of pursuing reserach in nuclear science.
The lone genius paradigm
9 March 2016
Debut as blogger in HuffPost Science, dicsussing the ramifications of what a lone-genius paradigm might hold.
Scientist in art & design world
11 March 2016
Talk presenting work at the intersection and fusion of disciplines, presented at Yale University
Diversity of identities and minds
16 January 2016
Public talk and exhibit on barriers and breking them, organized by Nogozon in Paris, France.
Fusion Project Runway
16 December 2015
Short interview and video produced by Pratt Insitute about an approach to sciuence teaching Agnes developed in her classes.
When Physics Meets Fashion
23 July 2015
Paired with the sreening of Zoolander a promisingly fun night of physics and fashion, followed by a reception at Huntington Cinema Arts, NY
Women in Science Symposium
12 September 2015
This 18 minutes long talk was recodred and released by the Swedish TV Channel UR Samtiden. The lunk will be active until March 10, 2016.
Plenary Talk on Diversity
​3 July 2015
Diversity in gender and race in the field of physics, and how are we doing on it, is discussed in Montreal, Canada. See the talk. Graphics by Pratt's Young Kim.
PubSci: Big Bang Physics
18 June 2015
Chatting about big science in a casual environment over drinks. At the Bahche in Brooklyn, NY. Click here for the poster announcement
The fashionista physicist
15 February 2015
The thruth about my shoe collection and more in a very nice article on Scienceline by Rebecca Harrington. Read it here
Science Happy Hour
16 January 2015
We brought Science Happy Hour to Manhattan and had a great time talking about the origins of matter. This event was organized as part of STEM Fest and Ben Lillie of the Story Collider moderated. Looking forward to more of these.
Pathways to Excellence
22 May 2015
Invited speaker and panelist at the Symposium on gender issues facing women in science. Uppsala, Sweden. Link to event site and brochure of the event
Science Advocacy in DC
23 March 2015
Lobbying Congress on behalf of fundamnetal reserach in nuclear science. On the photo the NY State delegation with R Congressman Lee Zeldin.
Tour the Universe
​11 May 2015
Panelist at a superfun event organized by SciArt Center held at the East Village Planeterium. Link to event site.
When Physics Met Fashion
5 March 2015
Talk to be delivered at Pratt Institute exploring Interdisciplinary Design education at the School of Design.
RHIC Physics Feeds Future Workforce
15 January 2015
Thanks to Karen McNulty Walsh for this write-up which gives me a chance to talk about work as a researcher, a science advocate, an art/science ambassador and a representative for under-represened minorities.
Girl Power in STEM
7 March 2015
Keynote speaker at the symosium honoring the Inetrantional Women Day at Stony Brook University. Link to event site.
Physics meets the Arts
21 November 2014
Roundtable and panel discussion on "Excavating the Universe: Physics Interacts with the Arts" at The Commons, Spooner Hall in the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, Kansas, and the University of Kansas. Appearance in video link aroun 1h08'.
Distinguished Scientist
12 December 2014
Gender and racial diversity remains very limited in the physical sciences. Why are certain groups so under-represented? How can diversity be increased? What brought me into the field? And what pushes me away from it? Talk at the University of Minnesota.
"Glamorous Gluons"
June 2014
My fine art student Sarah Szabo's art exhibit at Broohaven Lab, had it's opening reception during the RHIC/AGS Users Meeting. When physics meets art, really great things can happen.
Carrer Panelist
20 November 2014
Answering question about a carreer as a physicist at the Young Researchers Symposium held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY.
Science Happy Hour at BAR
16 October 2014
Four scientists walk into a bar... A casual evening about big science, moderated by Ben Lillie of Story Collider.
​"Ösrobbanás, ma"
June 2014
"Big Bang, today" article published in the Hungarian cultural magazine Müvelödés, in Kolozsvár/Cluj. Click on it to read.
​Physicist of the Month
May 2014
I feel honored to have been named the Woman Physicist of the Month by the American Physical Society in a program to highlight exceptional female physicists. The award recognizes female physicists who have positively impacted other individuals’ lives and careers.
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